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08/26/2013 1

I designed invitations for my parents 60th Wedding anniversary and submitted an order for 50 pieces, assuming they would be delivered in 2-3 days as I had paid for overnight shipping. Three business days later when I called to inquire about why the order was still posted as "in processing", I was told the day I submitted the order (at 11:45 am Pacific time) did not count and that they would do everything possible to get the order out that day, the 4th business day, but only the third according to zazzle customer service. BULL!! It has now been over EIGHT business days and there has still been no movement..none. I thought I had ordered these with plenty of time to get the invitations to the recipients two weeks in advance of the anniversary party, based on a 3 business day turnaround (I did not trust the 24 hour turnaround BS on their site, I seriously doubt they do anything on a 24 hour turnaround basis) and one day shipping. Now, who knows when they will be delivered, all I get is, "they are on the schedule to be produced today" when I inquire about the order. I HAVE HEARD "THEY ARE SCHEDULED TO BE PRODUCED TODAY" FOR FOUR CONSECUTIVE DAYS. Avoid this place like the plague, unless you order months in advance.

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