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Church Of Acts
2206 E Werges Ave
Indianapolis ,  IN   46237-1025
United States
Phone: (317) 783-2287
Added on 01/15/2005
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ArchibaldBaras ol

Church Of Acts 1

The Church of Acts is a cult in the guise of a Christian church. In recent years the pastor has run-off 2 assistant pastors who have refused to be a part of the dictatorship that this church employs. There are no elders, deacons, or board of any kind at this church. The pastor is completely enthralled with financial gain instead of spreading the message of Jesus. This is evidenced by the taking of 2 offerings each service. There is absolutely no accountability at the this place. Any questioning of the pastor will be met with a swift rebuke from one of the two church attack dogs, his wife Britain or Cheri Gable. The rebuke will come in the form of a message that “you should never touch God’s anointed”. This is absurd. Many loving Christian people have left this place over the years once it became obvious that the pastor was a money hungry dictator. I pray for the people who currently attend this church to have their eyes opened and leave. I also pray that the IRS would shut the doors of this corrupt house.

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vanhooklizyaho ocom

Church Of Acts 1

church of acts and pastor bill or i like to call him plain bill cuz pastor is sure not the word is a phony plain and simple. i feel horrible for all the young ppl in tht church tht dont believe wht 100's of ppl are sayin about this man, good christians sayin this. its such a shame they are being scammed. for crying outloud 2 other pastors quit there because of bill. but even though they go to a church with a suckish man as there minister i no god still looks at them as his beloved followers.

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Church Of Acts 1

First calling this a “church” is a misnomer. It is a cult. One individual, Bill Jenkins, controls every aspect of this organization. People are discouraged from meeting outside of the church without his consent. There are no small group fellowships or discipleship groups. No elders are involved in any decisions that are made at this place. All financial matters are controlled by the pastor. In all my years attending this place as a member of the congregation, at no time did any financial meetings ever occur. After looking up what aspects make up a cult, this so called church fits every single one. I’m certain that this review will get flamed by current members who still attend this house and so be it. I would encourage current members to ask to see the church finances and see what happens. Ask Mr. Jenkins when there will be a church finance meeting. Ask him why the Latin and assistant pastor have left the church within the past two years. Just ask in love and see how the conversation unfolds. Ask him who controls the church finances and approves budgetary items such as salaries. I suspect you won’t be pleased with how it ends.

On a personal note, I attended this church for over a decade and am ashamed to have blindly followed along. My eyes were opened when in early 2011 over half the church left, including the assistant pastor. The people who left were not spiritual nut-jobs. They were good, faithful Christians. On the Sunday that the assistant pastor left the church, not one person could explain to me why he left. At that point I knew it was time for my family to exit and we did.

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Church Of Acts 2

I don't know about this Church but I do know that I can tell it is not a place I would ever join from by the things the person defending it has said. I also believe the people that said it is an overkill on money and the BIG check the one member said he was on his way to write proves it. No one knows who is broke and not broke because they are tithing or not tithing. If a person claims to know this as a fact it sounds like a person brainwashed by tithe teachers.

PS Even the great anointed Paul rebuked the equally great & anointed Peter for being wrong, so this touch not my anointed is rubbish. People who really know their bibles would know this.
Galatians 2:11 "When Peter came to Antioch I rebuked him to his face, for he was clearly in the wrong..".

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Church Of Acts 1

If a Pastor does not teach the difference in Old Covenant laws (613 total not just the tithe law) given to Jews to observe and obey around the clock (before Jesus said Paid in full, it is finished from his cross) and what the New Covenant (the Age of Grace by faith in what Jesus paid on the cross) means and if a Pastor is making people have faith in their (own tithing ) payments for God's favor and ignoring how God and Jesus has freely given us all things at Christ expense, not our tithing, then I doubt the church is all that!

Have a quick bible study, read Galatians 3:13, 14. Romans 8:32-33. Romans 10:4, Galatians 2:16. Galatians 3:24, 25.

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Church Of Acts 5

Short and Sweet = THIS CHURCH IS AWESOME! Go and see for yourself!

If you want the rest here it is. I don't normally post reviews, but after reading these ridiculous misleading reviews, I thought I'd post. I first don't believe Pastor Bill or his family needs the prayers of anyone so bitter and offended. Who are you to judge a man of God on what he is to preach and how long he is to preach it? I believe Pastor Bill answers to God and no one else. If you need Gods word sugar coated - this aint the church for you. Pastor Bill is an anointed man of God and tells it like its written. I love the fact that he does his absolute best to make it as difficult as possible to sit in his church and send yourself to hell. He is an amazing preacher for just telling it like it is. In my experience... People that have a problem with giving tithes and offerings are usually broke or broken people. Praise God that this church understands the importance of giving and does there best to educate the people on one of Gods most basic principals.

Although I responded to a few comments this review is not meant to be a shot back at the other reviewers. I am much much more interested in getting the right information to someone looking for a church. This church is awesome, and you should try it!

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Church Of Acts 1

It breaks my heart that a church such as this is still in operation. I attended The Church of ACTS for almost a year. For the durration that I attended, I had the sickening feeling in my stomach (the Holy Spirit) that something was off about the church.

The truth is that it is very much cult like. It is very "hollywood" and intense. The pastor uses this intenisty as a smoke screen for the Holy Spirit's presence. The pastor comes off as a spirit filled man on the outside, however as the layers are peeled away something totally different shines through. Pastor Bill is very stuck on himself. It is very much a monarchy at The Church of ACTS and Christ is NOT king, Pastor Bill Jenkins is. He will say with his mouth that Christ is the center of the church, but his actions are far from showing that.

If you decide to confront these people about your feelings, he (and his wife) will scream in your face, try and itimidate you, DEMAND your total submission on all levels and leave you feeling utterly unheard and extremely shocked at their behavior.

I do believe that there are some wonderful people in that church (although no one ever made us feel comfortable there). I just know down in my soul that the church is SEVERELY dysfunctional and not at all how Christ intended His "leaders" to lead a church.

The love of Christ is seriously lacking in The Church of ACTS. I am praying (along with MANY MANY others) that the things that are going on in that place will be exposed and amazing people will not continue to be mislead. PLEASE join with us in praying for them!

These are not judgements... these are facts. Christ speaks the truth in love (in fact not so loving to the ones who claimed to be anointed in the Bible). I will continue to pray for the pastor and his family, along with the remaining members of the church.

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Church Of Acts 1

This is a good church if you want to hear 30 minutes of screaming on how you should give them all your money. On Easter besides giving your 10% titles they want you give a days pay as well. Two offerings EVERY service...they waste about 30 minutes taking up the offerings.

They need your money, the pastor and his family take 6 or more vacations a year.

I attended Church Of Acts since it was only about 20 people in a nursing home. Since then, I have seen many many people leave the church. I am talking about great people of God, great leaders, and people who made a difference in the church. Why did they leave? Well I asked many of them. Pastor Bill has in some way offended, been very demanding, rude, verbally abusive, and people just won't sit there and take that kind of behavior just because he has the title of pastor. I have witnessed how Pastor Bill has become money hungry, egotistical, and selfish. There is no need to collect offering more than once on a sunday, and then he will spend 30 minutes trying to defend himself and explain why he is asking for money repeatedly, like that is supposed to make it better. There are actually cliques (yes, like high school) in this church. If you are a part of the pastor's clique, well then, you will be invited on cruises, vacations, and get togethers at his home. If you are having a rough time, he will be more than happy to help you, as long as you have faithfully paid your dues to the church ( and I mean faithfully) . While Pastor Bill, I have to admit, does preach the truth, his behavior should not be tolerated. I forgive him, will not forget, and will not return. There are many leaders in that church who do have a good heart, and a heart after God and it is a shame that Pastor Bill has to ruin the experience for everyone.

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